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2017 Calendar Raffle

The calendar raffle is a fundraiser held by The RI Aftershock and all sales of tickets are considered a donation to the players of Aftershock. All prizes where donated to the organization. Tickets are $5 each and a book of 5 tickets for $20. 100% of all profits will go towards the players of Aftershock. You do not need to be present to win. Winners will be contacted by phone and smaller gifts can be mailed. Larger gifts can be picked up or delivered locally. Liquor basket can only be given to a winner over 21. If you are under 21 we will replace Liquor basket with another gift. We reserve the right to replace any item at any time.  The raffle will start on Feb 1st 2017 and end on Feb 28th 2017. Thank you for your support.
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         Feb 1st    Mincone     #440
         Feb 2nd   J Costa        #1732
         Feb 3rd    C Liston     #1808
         FEB 4th    J, Dumillo  #658
         Feb 5th    D Drake     #1243
         Feb 6th    P  Connolly #500
         Feb 7th    R, Rockefella#1937
         Feb 8th    J, Joesepson # #436
         Feb 9th   Shane F    # 798 
         Feb 10th Tom  M.  #1436
         Feb 11th Susan C  #1337 
         Feb 12th Leanne D #976 
         Feb  13th Paula H   #1467    
         Feb 14th  Andrew H  #1128
         Feb 15th   Ed Cook #1098  
         Feb  16th  Teresha M  #1169   
         Feb 17th Donna C #201
         Feb 18th Curt L #1841
         Feb 19th   Donna D #1281
         Feb 20th Denise R   # 154
         Feb  21st Benny  # 1002
         Feb  22nd  Sarah H #1341
         Feb 23rd  Ernie A # 39     
         Feb 24th  S Aruda #1802
         Feb 25th  M Lambert  # 467
         Feb 26th John S       # 1261 
         Feb 27th  Geno #805
         Feb 28th John Stimpson  #1265

       Congradulations to all our
        winners  and thank you to
        everyone  for helping with this                    raffle.