2015 RI State 18U Runner Up's


2015 RI Fall 18U Champions 

Meet the Team 

Lauren Civetti
Sabrina Liston
Caeli  Palmer
Mackenzie Doyle
2016 Halloween Havoc
18U Runner Up's
Danielle Mahlert
Haylie Wellman
Ali Levada
Kenzie Palmer
Olivia Cutler
Caitlin Gooding
Ayla Newsome
Shea Milburn

2015 18U Season

18U Coaching Staff
Steven Day - Head Coach of Johnston High School D2 and has 16 years of competitive softball experience. Coach Steve is the founder and president of the Aftershock and has produced a number of college softball players.
Kent Liston - Coach Kent has over 7 years of travel coaching experience. Coach Kent was also named volunteer of the year in 2014. 

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